Engine Stand + Tool Kits

3&4 Blade Prop Puller and Completed Kit:

This is the Prop Puller:


Hartzel 3&4 blade prop puller

Hot Section Tool Kit:

This is the hot section tool kit pictures.

Description :

Kit includes:

  1. #30331 CT holdback wrench
  2. #30332 PT holdback wrench
  3. #30403 CT/PT puller
  4. #30335 Un-Crimper
  5. #30458 Crimper
  6. #30478 LED  support blocks
  7. #32326 Fuel nozzle tube extractor/puller
  8.  Safety wire pliers, safety wire and locking tool kit

PT Shaft Housing Runout Arbo:

#30476 PT shaft runout arbor overhaul grade made of high quality tool steel.

AGB Disconnect / Engage Tool:

AGB Disconnect/Engage tool # 30373 Made of high quality too steel needs no description  it disconnects and connects..

3&4 Bearing Removal / Installation Tool:

#30560 overhaul level shop tool made of high quality tool steel.

3&4 blade prop puller and completed kit:

Engine Sling and Power Section Stand:

Full engine sling and hot section stand.

"I pick things up.... and hold them there!"

Prop Sling:

360 Degree Engine Stand:

360 rotating engine stand with locking gear box .